Wizard Recordings

wizard recordings
Total Recorder (Standard Edition)
A simple program for recording, converting, and processing digital audio.
High Criteria
Web Page Wizard
Clever tool for creating Web pages from scratch. The Wizard steps you through b...
Via-net ApS
Sock Wizard
Based on the same easy to use interface as Sweater Wizard.
Knitting Software

Wizard Recordings

Super Media Wizard
Super Media Wizard 1.0 a loaded is a media wizard loaded wiht fun.
inKline Global
TOTAL Task Wizard
Wizard dialogue designed to assist in the choice.
Money Tree Software
A small audio database that operates like a portable dictation machine. Up to 99 recordings can be m......
Themed Wizard
.NET Wizard Control that allows you to rapidly create wizard style interfaces.
Kellerman Software
VoiceWalker will help you transcribe audio or video files.
University of California, Santa Barbara
UMS Multi Client
A free program designed to work with your DVR device.
ViewCam Technology Inc.,
UMS Client
It enables you to make and playback video recordings from your IP camera.
ViewCam Technology Inc.
Wizard Framework for Windows Forms
Wizard Framework the way to eliminate the headache of creating a robust wizard.
Divelements Limited
Wizard Land
Puzzle game in which you must help the wizard save the world.
Rumbic Studio
WIN Recordings
Winsource Solutions

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Wizard Recordings

WAVECOM Recordings
HD Call Recorder for Skype
It is a program that allows you to record your Skype conversations.
AcuStudio Duo
It is a Windows-based video and screen capturing application.
Nanyang Technological University
DeSTRoi - Decrypt Samsung TV Recordings
It lets you download movie files directly from your TV by FTP and decrypt them.
PlayIt Recorder
Program that allows you to schedule audio recordings.
PlayIt Software
Free Easy Audio Recorder
Sound recorder tool for Windows.
FreeEase, Inc
Echelon License Wizard
This release of the Echelon License Wizard fixes a problem in License Wizard.
Echelon Corporation
Multi Smart ViewerPlayer
It enables you to playback videos recorded by your IP cameras.